Fall 2022 | Digital Issue
Space deadline: 10/24/2022 | Materials deadline: 10/31/2022

Fall 2022 | Digital Issue

Mental, Emotional & Nutritional Health

  • Meal Plan Ideas for TAC Athletes
  • Mental and emotional control for the tactical athlete
  • Recovery & Readiness to Return
  • The relationship between nutrition & sleep
  • Role of Protein in Recovery & Return to Duty
  • The role of stress on impacting body composition


  • Space Deadline: 10/24/2022
  • Materials Deadline: 10/31/2022

Winter 2023 | Digital Issue

Tech Innovations Issue

Fire/EMT-Specific Content — Cardio-specific training to boost performance

Police-Specific Content — Reprogramming for effective sleep schedules

Military-Specific Content — Tips to develop a greater sense of purpose

  • Injury prevention and recovery technology
  • Movement sensor data technology
  • Tactical training center innovations


  • Space Deadline: 1/25/2023
  • Materials Deadline: 2/1/2023

Spring 2023 | Digital Issue

The Physical Preparedness Issue

Fire/EMT-Specific Content — Lifting with your legs

Police-Specific Content — Benefits of mixed martial arts training

Military-Specific Content — Incorporating precision, progression, & integration into the Army’s PRT program

A variety of how-to physical preparedness guides tailored to each branch of the industry (i.e. interval training, core training, functional fitness, dynamic warm-ups, strength training, etc.)


  • Space Deadline: 4/19/2023
  • Materials Deadline: 4/26/2023

Summer 2023 | Digital Issue

The Mental Preparedness Issue

Fire/EMT-Specific Content — Coping with trauma and stress

Police-Specific Content — Fostering a sense of resiliency while on duty

Military-Specific Content — What ‘mentally ready’ means for specific military branches

  • Developing the 5 Mental Toughness skills (arousal control, concentration, performance imagery, self-talk, and goal-setting). 
  • Developing an unbeatable mindset
  • Responding in the face of adversity/failure


  • Space Deadline: 7/26/2023
  • Materials Deadline: 8/2/2023

Fall 2023 | Digital Issue

The Nutritional Preparedness Issue

Fire/EMT-Specific Content — Nutritional psychology for first responders

Police-Specific Content — Effects of overnight shifts & eating habits

Military-Specific Content — Boosting performance through nutrition

  • The relationship between sleep health and nutritional health in performance
  • Hydration tips while in the field
  • Sample outlines for performance nutrition for the tactical athlete


  • Space Deadline: 10/11/2023
  • Materials Deadline: 10/18/2023