Spring 2024 | Digital Issue
Space deadline: 4/26/2024 | Materials deadline: 5/3/2024
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Spring 2024

Physical Preparedness Issue

Fire/EMT-Specific Content — Reviewing three breathing techniques for firefighters

Police-Specific Content — SWAT/Peripheral Heart Circuit training

Military-Specific Content — Top tactical exercises for functionality

  • Preparing for the “Murph” challenge
  • Understanding the Borg RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) scale: A way to communicate intended intensity of training
  • A case for yoga to treat common injuries


  • Space Deadline: 4/26/2024
  • Materials Deadline: 5/3/2024

Summer 2024

Mental Preparedness Issue

Fire/EMT-Specific Content — A conversation with motivational speaker Fireman Rob

Police-Specific Content — Behavioral health training

Military-Specific Content — Adding mental games to workouts

  • Mental imaging training
  • Coping tips for traumatic events and disasters
  • Interview with a tactical psychologist


  • Space Deadline: 7/10/2024
  • Materials Deadline: 7/17/2024

Fall 2024

Nutritional Preparedness Issue

Fire/EMT-Specific Content — IAFF Firefighter Nutrition Program

Police-Specific Content — Nutritional behaviors of officers

Military-Specific Content — Nutrition and personal performance

  • Firefighter nutrition tactics with National Wildlife Coordinating Group
  • Food and mood relationships
  • Carnivore vs. vegan diet


  • Space Deadline: 10/8/2024
  • Materials Deadline: 10/11/2024