Sideline Sessions Podcast

A podcast for coaches, administrators, athletic trainers and more

Hosted by managing sports editor and veteran podcast host Wesley Sykes, Sideline Sessions focuses on athletic coaches, athletic trainers, strength coaches and administrators discussing current trends, issues and approaches to their athletic industries. It’s also an innovative way to continue connecting with your target audience in an exciting new format.

Sponsorship Opportunities Include:

  • Small segment with the advertisers (Q&A with sponsor)
  • In-podcast script read or pre-recorded sponsor message of up to 30 seconds (available for placement at the beginning, middle and/or end of each podcast)
  • Company logo and mention on podcast landing page, podcast email blasts and social media posts
  • Sponsorship ad placements available on podcast landing page
  • Potential upgrade opportunities to be sole sponsor of entire podcast or series of podcasts
  • Exclusive entire-episode sponsorship opportunities with client-provided topic and interviewees

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